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We buy your extra Diabetic Test Strips and send you payment within 24 hours of receiving them.

We are a licensed business with thousands of happy test strips sellers just like you. Our #1 Priority is your satisfaction.

Sending in your Test Strips is as easy as:


Let us know you have excess test strips. Call 800-583-0073. If you get my voice mail, please leave your name and phone number including area code. I will call you back very soon.


We'll mail you a box with an attached address label and pre-paid postage. Put the test strips in the box, seal it and give it to your postal carrier or bring it to any post office.


Within 24 hours we will mail you a check, a postal money order or pay you on-line thru paypal. You decide how you want to get paid.

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Diabetic Donations Accepted

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We also accept donations of your other diabetes supplies and get them to people who can't afford them. Thank you for helping us help others in need of essential diabetic supplies.

Please let us know when you are donating additional diabetes supplies with your test strips. We'll send you a bigger box to fit your donation with a pre-paid return address label.

Your donated diabetic supplies are given to people in need after natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina