Best Exercise to Control Diabetes

To control their blood sugar levels, diabetics, by and large, have to rely on taking injections as well as using medications. This kind of treatment may be effective in a majority of cases but there are better alternative solutions available. Exercising is a good way to effectively keep blood sugar levels under control. Therefore, before relying solely on injections and/or medications, it pays to find out more about the best exercise for diabetics.

Of course, there is more to controlling glucose levels than just identifying the best exercise for diabetics. It is also important, before trying out an exercise routine, to speak with a doctor who will provide tips and advice regarding safety and the best way to keep blood pressure and cholesterol under check.

Best Exercises for Diabetes Guidelines

For those diabetics that are concerned about finding the best diabetic exercise plan, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. According to the American Diabetes Association, certain guidelines if followed can ensure that the best exercises for diabetics provide a diabetic with maximum benefits.

Ask a Healthcare Professional about Best Exercises for Diabetes

A good diabetic exercise plan should be tailored to suit a diabetic’s current state of health. What’s more, diabetes affects people in different ways. For some, the problem is with their eyes while for others it can be a nervous problem in the feet. The best exercise for diabetics is one that suits a particular problem in the correct manner. A healthcare professional can guide the diabetic on the best exercise for diabetics.

Exercise and Diabetes Workout Plan

It is also important to realize that the best exercise for diabetics is one that is carried out at a steady pace. Never try and rush your exercise and diabetes workout plan. This is because intense workouts often turn out to be counterproductive. So, in regard to a proper exercise and diabetes workout plan, keep things steady and strain yourself to only a level that is comfortable.

Before proceeding further with the best exercise for diabetics plan, be sure to warm the body up first, stay hydrated and wear the right clothes. Once you are ready, you can try out the best exercise for diabetics such as aerobics and strength training.

Aerobics is certainly the best exercise for diabetics as it will effectively process sugar and also help to keep the diabetic’s body weight in check. Furthermore, aerobics is considered the best exercise for diabetics because it keeps the heart pumping at just the right level. However, before starting an aerobics exercise session, be sure to jog for between 30 and 45 minutes to warm up the body adequately.

Strength Training Should Be Part of a Diabetic Exercise Plan

Strength training is also considered one of the best exercises for diabetics, especially for young diabetics. This form of exercise will help strengthen the body so that it does not break down too easily. It also helps the diabetic lose weight and it helps to improve insulin sensitivity as well as the overall quality of life.

However, before trying strength training exercises, it pays to check with a doctor who must give the nod. Strength training is the best exercise for diabetics but it should be done slowly (to begin with) and with not more than ten to fifteen reps using weights. It pays to exercise till the body begins to tire. By increasing the intensity slowly this best exercise for diabetics will do much to help a diabetic keep their blood sugar levels at or close to normal.

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