Diabetes - Test Regularly, Test Often

Anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes has been told how important it is to test regularly and often. When you were recently diagnosed you were probably pretty diligent about this. However, as you test multiple times a day and you do that day after day it starts to get old as well as expensive due to the cost of your testing supplies. You may think to yourself that you "have it under control" and that there is no need to test unless you aren't feeling well. This couldn't be further from the truth because sometimes simply testing when your "not feel well" may be too late.

If you are diabetic you know that your glucose levels can vary a bit throughout the day and even day-to-day. You usually have a lower number in the morning before you eat anything and higher ones later on in the day after your meals. You may also know that it is glucose that supplies the energy for the cells in your body. When blood glucose levels are high or low this can lead to problems.

If your diabetes goes untreated the following health issues can occur:

If diabetes continues to go untreated it could lead to the following:

Although those are very serious complications they are highly preventable. If you are testing regularly and often most of the time you will be able to detect that there is a problem early enough to make the adjustments needed to ward off a potential disaster such as one of the conditions listed above.

Diabetes is a tricky thing. Sometimes foods or combinations of food can affect you differently. You can think you are doing everything just right and your numbers will still be off. By testing regularly you will be able to know identify what foods you are sensitive to and either limit them or avoid them all together.

If you are diabetic you know that the testing is not complicated nor time consuming. Yes, you may get tired of doing it but it is a very small price to pay to ensure better health and a longer life. If you are testing regularly and you notice that your numbers are consistently "off target" it is important to call your doctor right away. There are several things that could be affecting your numbers besides the food that you are eating– for example, your medication – and your doctor will be able to help you get to the bottom of it and get you back on course.

If you are testing the suggested four times a day you will not only have a good handle on your glucose level but a good handle on your health. It is critical that you maintain this schedule as it does not take long for something to go wrong to the point where you need to be hospitalized or something potentially worse.

With the technology that is available today testing is easier and better than ever. Take advantage of these technological breakthroughs in order to keep yourself healthy. Test regularly and test often.

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