Diabetes Management in School for Children

Diabetes in children calls for a serious diabetes management plan, especially in the school where the child will be spending much of their time. Proper diabetes management in school for children can help to ensure the child’s continuing good health. It will also help to improve their learning ability. It is therefore necessary that school personnel be properly trained and possesses the required knowledge, understanding and tools to deal with the special needs of children with diabetes.

Each school must have a manual to assist teachers and other school staff on how to handle diabetes in children in the most effective manner. Such a manual must address a number of issues including:

Diabetes in Children – Children Management Program

Appropriate diabetes in children management programs ought to include:

Diabetes in Children – First Steps

To handle diabetes in children, the school should have a school health nurse who can attend to the diabetic child in the prescribed manner. The nurse needs to take a few steps including:

Diabetes in Children – Special Care Plan

Schools must also assure the safety of children with diabetes. They must therefore develop and implement a special care plan to handle diabetic children and must train their staff accordingly. The school must also support diabetic children and help them become independent through use of self-care management that addresses the child’s age as well as interests.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Each school must also train its staff to learn to look out for signs and symptoms of diabetes in children and to understand diabetes as well as how to manage this condition. Most importantly, when treating diabetes in children, the school must ensure proper coordination of diabetes care on its premises with the care that is provided to the child at home.

Rise in Diabetes in Children

Diabetes management in school for children must also ensure that opportunities for diabetic children in the school are enhanced so that such children can participate fully in every school function. Though diabetes in children is on the rise and despite the condition being incurable, schools must ensure that they have the proper plans in place for diabetes management and control.

Each school must have its own diabetes management plan which helps to ensure a proper balance between insulin, food and exercise. Other aspects to treating diabetes in children include:

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