What Is The Difference Between Diabetes Meters?

Diabetics seldom have any option but to make use of glucose diabetes meters to help them find out just how good or bad their blood glucose levels are. Diabetes meters can and should be used for checking blood sugar levels regularly. These meters provide readings that diabetics must study and use in order to properly manage their blood sugar levels.

Features To Look For In Diabetic Meters

Diabetic meters come with a whole host of features. These meters sometimes require you to use the meter in a specific manner. So, it pays to understand their unique testing processes. The different testing processes can affect:

Different Types of Diabetes Meters

There are several different kinds of diabetes meters out there on the market including the all-in-one type, continuous glucose monitoring type and then there are free glucose meters that are available for diabetics who are not covered by health insurance. With so many different kinds of diabetes blood glucose meters available, it makes sense to compare blood glucose meters to evaluate their merits and demerits. After evaluation, it becomes easy to pick the right blood glucose test meter.

It is equally important to pick test strips with great care as these diabetic supplies will play a very important part in managing diabetes. Diabetes test strips need to be used in the right manner otherwise they will be ineffective managing blood sugar levels.

Different Types of Diabetes Test Strips

There are as many different diabetes test strips as there are diabetes blood glucose meters. Therefore, it is necessary to go to about selecting both diabetes meters and diabetes test strips with great care. Most strips are made from plastic that has a layer that can easily absorb blood. There are also a few diabetes test strips that have layers that will draw blood down into a tiny sized channel (in the strip) which then transfers the blood to lenses on the diabetes meters.

Depending on the type of test strips a person buys, it is important that they choose matching diabetes meters. As a matter of fact, many diabetes meters come with their own specific diabetes test strips. Today, both diabetes meters and their associated test strips are becoming smaller in size. They also have many added features that weren’t available just a few years ago. These features include saving data for you in the meter about your readings. With some meters you can download that data and save it on your computer to view in a number of different ways such as graphs and pie charts.

The most popular meters and test strips

I am in the business of buying test strips and getting them to people without insurance so they can buy them at 50-70% of the price they would have to pay in pharmacies. I can tell the some of the most popular brands. One Touch Ultra is very popular because of the accuracy 5 second reading. Freestyle Lite is also very popular because of the very small blood sample and the 7 second reading. Accu-Chek Aviva also is popular for its 5 second reading. Also Breeze 2 are popular because there are 10 strips on a disc. This way the disc turns to the next strip which makes it easier than taking a test strip out and having to discard it. So learn about the advantages to the different meters before making a decision which one you will use or change to.

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