Diabetes Test Strips

Once a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important that they conduct a diabetes test regularly. Using diabetes test strips is one of the best and most effective ways of conducting a diabetes test. It is a test that helps determine the exact blood glucose levels. This information is used by diabetics to learn to manage their condition more effectively. Depending on how severe your diabetes is. The best times to test are:

Determine Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a condition that has to be monitored carefully and constantly. A diabetes test strip is an excellent means through which to determine blood sugar levels. To use these strips in the proper manner, it is necessary to use them either on the tip of your finger and especially where the fingertip is most fleshy. Testing can even be conducted on the forearm as well as on the leg.

There is however a difference between conducting diabetes tests on the fingertips and on the arm. This is because glucose levels in the fingertips are higher as compared to venous measurements of a person’s blood.

Before performing such a test, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly as well as the site (where the strip is to be used). Failing to wash your hands and testing site may cause a blood glucose reading that is far from accurate. Remember that only by conducting a blood glucose test on a regular basis will these tests help the diabetic manage their condition better. However, these tests, when performed, will leave behind a few wounds which must always be washed thoroughly to prevent infection.

When testing on your fingers, always use your finger tips for the best accuracy. Also don’t test in the middle of the finger tip because it is most sensitive. Prick the finger a little to the left or the right of the middle of the finger tip. If you are testing on your fingers, check them often for irregularities from the finger pricks.

How to Perform a Diabetes Test

Before starting the diabetes test, it is warm up the area where the test is to be performed. This will help to improve blood flow to that area. The simplest way of warming up the site is by rubbing the area or by allowing some warm water to run over the area.

Glucose Testing Machine

A glucose testing machine can make the task of conducting a diabetes test a lot easier and more convenient. Thus, it makes sense to switch on the machine and then wait till it emits a beep to inform you that it is ready. Once it beeps, continue by using a diabetes test strip which should be inserted into a slot on the glucose testing machine.

Once the strip has been inserted, the diabetes test begins. Wait till the indicator lights up to show that the machine is ready for the diabetes test. Once the machine is ready it engages the diabetes test strip.

Use some alcohol preparation and rub the site of the diabetes test with it. Once the alcohol evaporates completely, pierce the test site and press gently below where the prick was made so that a drop or two of blood forms. Take a sample of this blood and put it on the test strip. Next, wait for the machine to provide its reading. If you have any doubts that the reading is correct, then retest immediately.

Buy Blood Glucose Meters

Buying blood glucose meters can help diabetics perform their diabetes test in a simple and convenient manner. Diabetes test strips can be obtained from any drugstore and pharmacy. Many blood glucose meters are much more inexpensive then they were just a few years ago. That’s because the major companies want you to be able to get their meters easily so you will use their brand of test strips regularly. Most endocrinologists and some Doctors have been given free meters and even test strips from the test strips companies. So be sure to ask if they have any to give you at your next visit.

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