Emergency Packs for Diabetics

Sometimes an emergency pack can mean life or death for a person with diabetes. These packs are different from a standard emergency pack and include items that can make a huge difference in saving the life of a diabetic. You need to make sure that if you have diabetes you have one of these packs with you at all times. It is critical that it is easily accessible and fully stocked at all times.

A diabetic emergency is not the same as the average emergency kit.

In the event of an emergency there are certain things that a diabetic will need that are over and above what someone else might need. It is recommended that alldiabetic emergency supply packs should also have enough supplies in it to last for one week. Why so long you might ask? Well, think about a variety of emergency situations that may occur. Perhaps you get stranded somewhere for a day or even a couple of days – it is critical that you have enough supplies to last an extended period time. The likelihood of you being stranded for an extended period is not likely but it is much better to have the items available in advance then it is to need them and not have them.

What exactly needs to be in a diabetic emergency kit?

A diabetic emergency kit must include the following:

Additional supplies that may be necessary:

Pack some food supplies and be sure to include the ones that help you control your sugar levels the best. You also need to have plenty of bottled water on hand. The food that you pack must also be non-perishable so include foods that are high in carbs and that act quickly in the body to adjust blood sugar. It is a good idea to include some canned pop, juice boxes with apple and orange juice, crackers, peanut butter, tuna, nuts, and a jar of cheese. Be sure to pack a manual can opener too.

Another good idea for a diabetic emergency kit is to make sure that you include some clothing items as well. Besides standard clothes, put a pair of gloves and some extra socks and slippers in too. This will help keep your feet warm and also offers protection from scratches or cuts.

A few pieces of medical paperwork are necessary too. Keep this information handy, contact information for your doctor, next of kin, copy of insurance info, and a spare medical identification tag so in the event of an emergency — it is known that you are a diabetic.

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