Diabetic Test Strip FAQ

  1. What do you do with the test strips?
    We get them to people who don’t have insurance and now will pay much less then they would have to pay for them in drug stores.

  2. Is this legal?
    It is 100% legal. Test Strips are sold over the counter at any drug store, pharmacy, Wal-Mart etc, everyday in the U.S. Over the counter products can be resold. Products such as test strips are resold by the tens of thousands every day. You have a legal right to sell your strips to us as long as they were obtained legally such as thru an insurance company. No prescription is required to buy test strips. Sometimes an insurance company will give a prescription for test strips. But since you don’t need a prescription to buy them it is completely legal for you to resell them to us. You can call your pharmacy to verify they are sold over the counter without a prescription.

  3. Is there a minimum or maximum # of boxes that you will buy?
    Our minimum is four if they are boxes of 50 or two if they are boxes of 100. There is no maximum.

  4. What brands and prices do you pay?
    Please see our How It Works page.

  5. How can I be assured you will pay me?
    It is illegal for me not to pay you. I would lose my business and be prosecuted. I have a licensed business in the state of New York titled “Laurel Mountain Products” since Jan 2006 with a record of no complaints. We use the United States Postal System to transfer the test strips. Here’s how that protects you. Anything that moves thru the mail system also enters the federal government. Therefore, if we didn’t send you payment it would constitute mail fraud! You could file federal charges against our company. I work hard at doing business with the highest standards of integrity and customer service. I would like to please you with your experience selling me strips so that you will use me again and refer others.

  6. How is payment made and when can I expect payment?
    You have three choices; we will pay you online by paypal, mail you a check or mail you a postal money order. If you don’t tell us which you prefer, we will mail you a check. All payment will be made within 48 hours of receiving the test strips. In most cases payment will be sent within 24 hours.

  7. What is your policy with expiration dates?
    We cannot buy any expired strips. All test strips must have an expiration date of two months or later from the day you mail them. For example, if you mail them on Sept 30 or before we accept exp. Dates of Nov 30 or later. If you mailed them on Oct 1, the exp date would then be Dec 31 or later.

  8. Do you guarantee the quoted price?
    Absolutely, as long as the strips meet all criteria. Such as the boxes are still factory sealed, no box damage such as crushes or label removal damage and good exp. dates. We also buy test strips boxes that have crushes, some writing on them, pharmacy labels or other imperfections. This will always be at a reduced payment rate. Usually about ½. We reserve the right to determine payment of damaged boxes upon inspection. Occasionally test strips may arrive to us not in the condition discussed. I reserve the right to make adjustments to what you would get paid in those seldom instances.

  9. After I agree to send you strips for payment what happens next?
    I make this as easy as possible for you. I mail you a box with a postage paid address label back to me already on the box. There is NO COST to you to mail the test strips. We also will include complete simple instructions, info on how you can earn extra money with our referral program, and contact information with the box we send you. You just put the test strips in the box. Fill the box with newspaper, supermarket plastic bags or bubble wrap so the strips do not get crushed in transit. Seal the box well. Then give it to your Postal Carrier or bring it to any Post Office. Since I will lose money if you don’t return the box with the test strips, I ask you for your word of honor that you will send me the test strips we agreed upon. Thanks. Please do not put any clear packaging tape over any stamps or the bar code or the Post Office will void the postage and we will not receive the box.

  10. Will you take damaged boxes?
    Yes, I have not seen any other company that will so far. The boxes still must be sealed and not be expired for 2 months. But if the box has some crushes, glue residue or label removal damage I still will buy them for usually ½ the normal price.

  11. Anything else I should know?
    Please make sure the test strip boxes are still factory sealed. Also I cannot accept test strips boxes with any non-English writing. Lately I’ve seen some 1 touch ultra boxes with Japanese writing and others with Spanish writing. Please do not send them. I only buy test strips with all English writing on the box. I do not buy lancets or meters, only test strips. As a policy I do not return test strips. If you mailed me test strips that you need back, please call me (Rob) immediately at 800-583-0073 and I’ll try to get them back to you, (there is no guarantee that I can return them) you must pay the return postage and a $5 processing fee if I am able to return them.

  12. Do you have a referral program?
    Yes I’m proud to announce I’m the only company buying strips that I know of that has a referral program. After you have sold me test strips just once you are eligible to earn extra cash. Anytime you refer someone new to me and I buy strips from them, I will send you an extra $1.50 per box they sell me. Just make sure either you or your referral tell me this. So if they sell me 20 boxes. I will mail you a check for $30. My business cards are available to you upon request to give to your friends, neighbors and family.

  13. Should I remove pharmacy labels?
    No, please do not tear off labels! Mark over your name, address and any other personal information on the label with a soft black magic marker if you are uncomfortable sending any personal information to us. Let us assure you we remove all labels with your personal information professionally as soon as the boxes arrive at our facility. Please understand if you remove a label and it tears the box. We will not be able to pay you full price for the box.

  14. What if the box says: Not For Retail, Mail Order Only, Health Plan Contract, Dme Beneficiaries or something similar?
    We can buy these boxes without any problem and pay you full price for them. Please note we cannot buy boxes with any non-English writing on them. Also we cannot buy boxes that say on them for Medicare/Medicaid. They usually have a red band on them.

  15. What is so special about Test Strips 4 Cash that I should use you?
    I respect all other companies buying test strips as this is a very noble work. I have some differences with other companies that I want you to know about. I pay more for the test strips than most of the other companies. I plainly tell you what brands I buy and what I pay for them right here on this website in the How It Works section. Most companies make you get a box yourself and have you pay the postage up front. I make it super easy by sending you the box with a pre-paid return postal label on it. I am the only company I know of with a paid referral program. I buy damaged boxes which is unheard of from other companies. (Please see above question about damaged boxes) We take test strips with an expiration date of just 2 months out at full price. Most companies only accept test strips with an exp. date of 6 months out or later. I am the only company I know of with a fun monthly and soon to be weekly drawing for free prizes such as a Wal-Mart gift card. When you send us your test strips you are automatically enrolled in our monthly drawing. One of my favorite sayings is “Nothing happens without integrity”. I take honest customer service very seriously.

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-583-0073