Insulin Pumps Compared To Insulin Shots

Diabetics need to understand that the use of an insulin pump is truly a godsend for them. An insulin pump helps in administering insulin in specific doses and on a regular basis. This feature alone makes the insulin pump an ideal alternative to insulin shots which need to be taken on a daily basis. With an insulin pump it is possible for diabetics to be rid of all the restrictions that would otherwise have hampered the quality of their daily lives because of being totally dependent on insulin shots.

Insulin Pump Size

An insulin pump is small in size, being no larger than a deck of playing cards. This small size makes it a very convenient device that does not interfere with the user’s movements. The pump has a reservoir within it which holds one kind of insulin only, the quick acting type. The main purpose of using an insulin pump is to provide regular amounts of insulin to the diabetic. Insulin flows at a predetermined rate of flow and it is this ability that makes the insulin pump an ideal alternative to insulin shots which must be taken at fixed times during the day.

Insulin Pump Benefits

The insulin pump provides several benefits including:

Compared to insulin pumps which do not cause side effects, there are several side effects of insulin shots/injections. The side effects of insulin injections underscore the fact that it always pays to opt for an insulin pump. The side effects of insulin shots can be quite serious and if noticed must be treated by a doctor immediately.

The main side effects of insulin injections include weight gain and hypoglycemia. So, before taking the next diabetes insulin injection, keep in mind the fact that this injection can lead to several unpleasant and serious side effects.

Insulin Pumps - Modern Medical Technology

An insulin pump is a wonderful example of the latest advances in modern medical technology. These small devices can fit into a pocket and are made up of three main parts: a pump, container for insulin and a tubing set and needle to keep the insulin flowing into the body. Diabetics ought to compare insulin pumps as there are several different options available including:

Medtronic makes the Paradigm model. This is the most popular model and my son Josh uses it. Other pump styles by Medtronic can be found on their website or by calling the company for literature. Since regulated pump companies and the models they carry changes often. I suggest you type in a search engine insulin pumps to see what other pumps are available today.

If you wish to use a tubeless insulin pump, then you should check out those that are made by Insulet Corporation and Debiotech. The former sells the Omnipod insulin pump while the latter manufactures a pump known as the Insulin Nanopump. The implantable insulin pump is normally only used for research purposes. It is not yet available to the general public.

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