How to Identify the Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a very common disease. It starts when a person’s blood sugar levels rise above normal. It is a disease whose symptoms are “silent” and so it must be discovered out at an early stage. Only timely detection of diabetes symptoms will help in control the symptoms from getting out of hand. There are millions of diabetics and many more people are at risk of becoming diabetic. Every one should learn how to identify diabetes symptoms in time.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes symptoms can vary according to the type of diabetes afflicting a person. The two main types of diabetes are diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 and there is a third type that is known as gestational diabetes. It is a good idea to find out more on how to identify diabetes type 1 symptoms and diabetes type 2 symptoms. All diabetes symptoms are not the same and will in fact vary depending on the root cause of the problem.

The pancreas in the body needs to produce sufficient amounts of a hormone called insulin that helps to keep blood glucose levels in check. If the body’s autoimmune system causes destruction of its insulin supply, this will cause diabetes symptoms known as type1 diabetes.

If on the other hand, the body is able to produce sufficient insulin but the insulin is ineffective in controlling blood sugar levels then the diabetes symptoms in this case would be referred to as type 2 diabetes.

Diabetics tend to display certain diabetes symptoms which show that they have a diabetes problem. To identify whether a person is indeed showing diabetes symptoms, doctors often conduct certain tests including a blood test which will immediately reveal whether the person is diabetic or not.

Detect Diabetes Symptoms

Keeping a check on the frequency and quantity of urine passed by a person on a daily basis is another way that a person can identify whether they are suffering from diabetes. If urination is frequent and excessive, it would indicate the presence of diabetes symptoms.

Weight change – either gain or loss – can also help a person identify diabetes symptoms. Weight problems occur in diabetics because they have either too much or too little sugar in their blood. A diabetic’s body is more at risk of easily coming down with infections. Also, if a person cuts themselves and the wound takes an inordinately long time to heal; then this could also be a sign that the person is diabetic.

Mild to Severe Diabetes Symptoms

Another way of identifying diabetes symptoms is by looking out for signs of extreme exhaustion/fatigue and blurry vision. These two signs often indicate that a person is a diabetic. Diabetes symptoms can range from mild to severe and their intensity can and does change according to certain factors. Also, no two diabetics are going to show the same diabetes symptoms.

A person whose family members are or were diabetic can also be at risk of developing diabetes symptoms. Thus, if their family history shows that someone was a diabetic then they must be alert to the possibility that they themselves may also be affected by diabetes symptoms.

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